Referrals and fees for CBT

The following concerns information about my referral process and also fees for CBT.

I have deliberately kept the referral process for CBT relatively simple, and how you get to see me privately is dependent on how funding for therapy is arranged. 

I accept self referrals with GP recommendation, and offer a free 15 minute phone session to break the ice if you are self-funding. I aim to see client’s within 7 days from initial contact.  My number is 07960 374465 and my email address is

My charges for private/self funding therapy are available on request.  Please note at this time I am only accepting NHS patients through Burton & District Mind, for people in this locality with a Burton on Trent GP

If you are representing a Local Authority and are looking for a skilled practitioner to undertake Court appointed work, then please contact me.  I have undertaken a number of commissions in both Warwickshire and also Staffordshire.

If you are a supplier of CBT provision, I undertake associate roles for a number of the major orealisations in the private sector, and would welcome the opportunity of discussing further options, so please contact me on 07960 374465.

If you are a solicitor looking for the provision of CBT for medico-legal purposes, such as post industrial or road-traffic accident treatment, please contact me on 07960 374465 or via email at

If you are self-funding I will invoice you at the end of each session, and usually request payment within 48 hours. Of course payment can be made at the end of each session by cheque or through Bank Transfer and BACS. Due to invoicing arrangements, I do not accept cash payment, although I do have the facility for Debit or Credit Card payments.

My accreditation details with the lead organisation for CBT in the UK, the BABCP can be found on the following link.


I also work with health insurance companies.  If you have BUPA cover, my details are available on the following link.

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I am also registered with AXA PPP Healthcare


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