Anger management

Do you (or someone close to you) need help managing anger?

Do you need help with anger management?

Anger management

Have you found yourself reacting to situations and then later regretting your actions?

Have you found yourself needing to replace items or eqiuipment because you’ve damaged them through annoyance?

If so, then please consider how a CBT based anger management course of therapy can assist.

I have facilitated ‘anger management’ courses for a number of years. Over this time I have successfully worked with a number of individuals, companies, Local Authorities, and other Statutory Services regarding anger related difficulties. However, I have always been struck by the thought that perhaps anger management should be renamed ‘aggression management’. After all, anger is a ‘normal’ human emotion that to an extent has been and can be pathologised. Anger in any number of situations can be wholly appropriate. It’s what you do about it terms of behaviour that can become problematic.  Framing a situation in such a way as to cause you to become angry, can in a situation be a legitimate way to feel.  Unfortunately, becoming aggressive or abusive seldom is the right thing to do.

I often find myself in session asking people the simple question.

 What makes you angry?

There are any number of replies, such as “my kids, partner, my boss, the neighbour…” Etc.

However, please remember the simple truth…

The only thing that makes us angry is ourselves.

No person, event or situation in of itself makes us angry.  Of course others and events can influence how we feel…. But no one else has the power to make us feel anything… never mind being angry.  Once we appreciate that it is how we appraise events and that we make our selves angry then we can also understand that we have control over this.

So, if we assume our partner does have the power to make us feel… then we give them the control, and why would we want to do this for ourselves.

Anger management

For more information on my approach to anger management, and other ways in which the CBT approach can help with anger, please feel free to contact me.

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