Integrity CBT


Zoom CBT Treatment

Online therapy has many additional benefits compared with face to face practice, as it is far more flexible and inclusive. I would argue it more time and cost effective, for example online therapy can result in savings on car parking and transport costs, and there is no need to turn up to appointments early or to be sat in traffic jams. Zoom sessions also enable me to cater for people who have childcare issues, health and social issues issues, caring responsibilities, transport difficulties, or live in remote areas. 

CBT for Anxiety & Panic

Do you find yourself experiencing frightening physical sensations that come out of the blue?

Do you wake up in the middle of the night with impending thoughts of doom?

In certain situations where an understanding of anxiety is minimal, anxiety can increase to such levels that panic follows.

CBT for Depression

Depression is certainly not a lifestyle choice! Unfortunately it can affect anyone and at anytime.

There is no one cause of depression. It does have a variety of symptoms. According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of mental disorders, five or more of the following nine symptoms must persist for at least two weeks for a clinical diagnosis of depression to be applied.

Therapy for Adolescents & Teenagers

There are many emotional issues that can develop from our adolescent and teenage years, and negative self-referencing statements about the self can unfortunately become ingrained. For example, the belief of not being ‘good enough’, not ‘clever enough’ and generally ‘not fitting in’ can be prominent and can be magnified by the scrutiny that social media can create.

In modern society, the pressure to conform or to fit in has become increasingly problematic.

Couples Therapy

Inevitably the relationships we have with those nearest and dearest to our hearts fluctuate in terms of closeness, warmth and strength over time. It would be a brave person who could hand on heart say they have never had at least one rough patch in their most significant relationship.

Unfortunately, in modern disposable society it can be all to easy to abandon relationships and to think ‘the grass is greener’. The consequence of this is that the statistics for divorce and relational breakdowns are very sobering.

CBT for Chronic Pain

Having lived with chronic pain for over 20 years, I am only too well aware of the significant emotional implications that can lead pain to have an adverse affect upon personal well-being. Sadly, there is often a profound effect on those closest to us, and relational issues frequently accompany living with pain.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Do you wonder why you can’t move on after a traumatic incident? Do you find yourself playing the incident over and over again in your mind? Does it seem as if the event is happening again in slow motion? Or are you very easily startled?

Are you avoiding places, people, situations or other reminders of the incident/event / trauma?

CBT for Social Anxiety

Social anxiety can occur in a number of situations, but they share a common theme that the person affected is fearful of scrutiny from other people. The person with social anxiety may become anxious that they will behave in a way that others may find embarrassing or unacceptable.

Anger Management

I have facilitated ‘anger management’ courses for a number of years. Over this time I have successfully worked with a number of individuals, companies, Local Authorities, and other Statutory Services regarding anger related difficulties.

However, I have always been struck by the thought that perhaps anger management should be renamed ‘aggression management’. After all, anger is a ‘normal’ human emotion that to an extent has been and can be pathologised