Therapy for Adolescents & Teenagers

There are many emotional issues that can develop from our adolescent and teenage years

Negative self-referencing statements about the self can unfortunately become ingrained. For example, the belief of not being ‘good enough’, not ‘clever enough’ and generally ‘not fitting in’ can be prominent and can be magnified by the scrutiny that social media can create. In modern society, the pressure to conform or to fit in has become increasingly problematic. With the advent of 24 hour instant communication from advances in information technology such as Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, often there can be no respite from the pressures that can affect the well-being of younger people. Consequently self-esteem issues and a major loss of confidence can result. These can create patterns of thinking and patterns of behaviour that can cause difficulties for the individual both in their younger and may follow them in their adult life.

Helping young people to better advocate for themselves.

I have a number of years experience of providing therapy for adolescents and younger people to enable them to overcome difficulties around low mood, panic, OCD, anxiety, and anger management issues.  So please feel free to contact me on 07960 374465 or for a no obligation free 15 minute discussion on how I may be able to help. Due to complexities around clinical supervision, I do not accept referrals for people under the age of 15.