Chronic painHaving lived with chronic pain for over 20 years, I am only too well aware of the significant emotional implications that can lead pain to have an adverse affect upon personal well-being.  Sadly, there is often a profound effect on those closest to us, and relational issues frequently accompany living with pain.


Unfortunately chronic pain can lead to a cycle of avoidance and withdrawl.  People begin to doubt their own abilities to manage even the simpler things in life, which can lead to a pattern of behaviour that inadvertantly maintains issues.   This can include an over reliance on medication, and an over-reliance on others.

Having personally experienced it, I also appreciate how the fear of pain can be equally debilitating and can adversely affect not only what we do but also what we think we can do. This then sets up a cycle whereby our emotional health also deteriorates.

I have learned from personal experience of licing with a long-term condition, and my clinical skills that CBT can be very effective in helping people to manage chronic pain. So if you do have chronic pain, having me as your therapist to a point ensures that I appreciate not only how debilitating it can be, but also that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

If you want to learn strategies around pacing, planning and prioritising and how the biopsychosocial model of CBT can assist, then please contact me.  Please remember one simple message –

What is the right and kind thing for you to do right now for you and your body?